How To Deal With A Pharmacy

    Medications are a necessity in today’s world.  It seems that they have a pill, cream or other combination for any illness, rash or condition you can think of.  With all of these options and possibilities a central location is needed to manage it all.  For some items you can get them over the counter at any store, but for more intense or specialty medications you will need a pharmacy.

    A Pharmacy is a business that is licensed by the state to dispense drugs and other medications.  The pharmacy is run by a medical practitioner known as a pharmacist.  A pharmacist has the medical knowledge of a doctor, nurse and much more.  Through the pharmacy the pharmacist can sell you the prescriptions that were given to you by the doctor.  This is done through their pharmacy pos software.

    Go to your doctor

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    The first step is to go to your doctor.  When you go to your doctor, they will look you over, perform tests and then do an evaluation.  It is through this evaluation that they will determine if you are in need of any specific medications.  If they feel you need medication, then they will send over a prescription to the pharmacist who will then fill the prescription.

    Go to the pharmacy

    Once your prescription is sent in and it is ready you will want to go to the pharmacy and pick it up.  Once at the pharmacy you will be asked for your name, identification and any insurance card information.  The pharmacist will then run your prescription through the insurance and if there is any money owed from your co pay or that the insurance won’t cover, then you will need to come out of pocket for that before they will give you your prescription. 

    Once everything is completed and you have your prescription you can go and take it as directed to fix any medical issues that you may have.