What Do I Do After I Have Teeth Pulled?

    If you’ve never had any of your adult teeth pulled before by a dentist and are facing that reality for the first time, it is perfectly natural for you to be feeling nervous. Don’t worry, however, you’ll probably receive a sedative to help you not feel any pain, and your procedure shouldn’t take too long, depending on the amount of teeth you’re having pulled.

    Your dentist will probably let you know to expect some discomfort after the procedure is done, so having a few good tooth extraction aftercare nacogdoches ideas will help you take good care of your mouth and keep it clean after your tooth extraction procedure is complete.

    What Aftercare Steps Can I Follow?

    After you go in for your tooth extraction appointment, try to keep some of the following tips in mind for helping you take care of your mouth while you recover:

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    ·    When you lie down in bed to sleep at night, try to have an extra pillow or two on hand so you can prop your head up while you sleep. Lying too flat for extended periods of time while your mouth is healing could end up prolonging the process.

    ·    Every now and then, rinse your mouth out for at least 20 seconds with a salt water solution. This can help address some of the discomfort you may be feeling, as well as keep your extraction sites free of germs.

    ·    Make sure you are continuing to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, but do everything you can to avoid irritating the extraction site by touching it too much.

    There you go! Following these simple tips can help you when you are finished with your procedure. With enough rest and recovery time, your mouth will be feeling better and you will be able to go back to your normal routine in a matter of days.